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How people counter tools can shape office functionality


Written by Tony Loxton
Jan 23

 If you’ve spent any amount of time reading our blog, you’ll know that we’ve spoken extensively about the application of people counters and foot traffic software in a number of industries and contexts: from retail, to public transport, to car dealerships, people counting tools provide the data and insights business owners need to optimise the layouts of their premises and ensure they’re operating as efficiently as possible. In this blog, we’ll look at the application of people counters in the office, and how business owners can use them to their advantage.

A quick look at the new generation of people counting tools

In the past, people counter technology was limited to laser scanners, infrared cameras and thermal imaging sensors that could be placed at specific locations within a store or other location. These methods relied heavily on manual people counting, and were often cumbersome pieces of equipment that needed to be placed in particular places in order to record accurate measurements. The applications of these technologies were somewhat limited, as they were only really effective in measuring the number of feet through doors. Modern WiFi people counters, on the other hand, measure the WiFi signals from smart devices within your premises, which gives real-time insight into how your staff are moving around within your office space.

Why people counters are beneficial for office functionality

The workplace has changed significantly in recent years, and it’s important to ensure that your office space is designed in a way that reflects and accommodates that. The modern professional has access to technologies like video conferencing, cloud document sharing and much more, which makes remote working common and the need for agile office spaces imperative. WiFi based people counters give office planners and business owners all the data they need to ensure their spaces are being used optimally according to the fluctuating needs of their organisations – without these insights, you’re unlikely to achieve the results you’re looking for when planning an efficient and productive office space.

In-depth data for space utilisation and planning

By using a WiFi-enabled people counter in your office, you’ll be able to track exactly how the members of your organisation move around within the premises. For example, it’s possible to track the number of people using meeting rooms throughout the day, which will allow you to identify times where bottlenecks or double-bookings are happening and optimise meeting schedules to minimise congestion and ensure that your staff are using their time as effectively as possible. This space utilisation data also allows you to measure how congested your office space is over time, which enables you to proactively increase or reduce to the amount of desks and meeting spaces in your office as necessary. This data also makes it easy for your organisation to optimise maintenance and cleaning operations.

Real-time people counter data allows for easier energy management

WiFi people counters differ from traditional people counting tools in another way: they collect data in real time, which makes it possible to manage energy usage according to your organisation’s demands throughout the day. For example, you can track the number of people in a meeting room and adjust Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems accordingly. You can also identify when few or no people in the office, and ensure that only your critical systems are powered in order to minimise energy wastage. With the latest image sensing and Artificial Intelligence technology, it’s also possible to reduce the amount of time and energy you spend managing these systems by leaving them in the hands of intelligent software. For more information on the many applications of people counting tools, book a time to understand our different people counting softwares. 

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