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How people counter data can improve customer experience in the travel industry

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Written by Tony Loxton
Jan 5

Technology and travel have always been closely linked. But this connection extends deeper than the tools and inventions used to literally travel from place to place—your cars, aeroplanes, trains, etc. These days, technology can be used to improve practically all other aspects of travel and the travel industry. In particular, people counter data and other customer analytics can help travel industry professionals understand and improve customer experience.

A people counter is an electronic device installed at a particular location, like a shopping mall, hotel lobby or train terminal, that counts the number of people who walk into the building or into certain areas. The data collected by a people counter is anonymous and correlates with a number of key variables, including the number of entrances, operation hours and sales transactions. Let’s take a closer look at how people counter data and other analytics can improve customer experience in the travel industry:

Plan better routes for your customers

One of the primary benefits of travel companies taking a data-heavy approach is that they can plan better routes and travel experiences for their clients. Travel companies have a wealth of untapped data at their disposal; from reservations, to inquiries, to itineraries, to hotel bookings, to rental cars, fare charts, customer feedback and more. By tapping into this data, agents can tailor travel packages and itineraries to each individual customer’s needs, preferences, budgets and time constraints. For example, if your customer is looking for a laid-back seaside holiday where they’ll be free of crowds, you could use booking and itinerary data to identify a location where they’re unlikely to be swamped with crowds of tourists. Likewise, you could dig into the wealth of customer data like reviews on sites like TripAdvisor, social media posts and trends to identify whether or not any given location would be a good fit with what your customer is looking for.

Minimise traffic at key tourist destinations

For those managing tourist destinations, people counter data can help ensure that all customers and travellers have the most streamlined experience possible. This is because when you know exactly which areas and facilities are prone to overcrowding at certain times, you can determine when it’s a good idea to change itineraries around or provide an alternative to your customers should they prefer a less congested destination. People counter data can also help inform long-term development solutions, as key decision makers will know exactly where to invest for the most impact on improving customer experience. When travel industry professionals are always ready for periods of higher demand, they can always ensure a sustained positive customer experience.

Provide personalised customer experiences

One of the most effective uses of data analytics is to use all available information to inform a personalised customer experience for travellers. This could include data like their previous travel and browsing history, which you can use to create custom itineraries and package deals. Travellers never want to be just another one of the crowd, which is why a personalised customer experience is so effective—it singles each one out and makes them feel special and cared about on an individual level. Matching people counter data with other customer data such as their browsing and purchase habits will help you deliver the most value possible to your customers and ensure that you’re providing them with recommendations that are informed not only by their previous travel experience, but their online habits too.

Blix’s innovative customer analytics solutions are a great way for you to identify issues that may be hampering your customer experience, like customer congestion, as well as inform the future development of your infrastructure and facilities. If you would like to learn more about how a people counter can help you improve your customer experience, head on over to our People Counter Analytics product page. Otherwise, feel free to get in touch if you have any questions and our team will be happy to answer them.

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