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How Blix’s marketing attribution software makes it easier to optimise your media campaigns

Written by Tony Loxton
May 16

If you’re not able to determine your media attribution rate, identifying which channels and campaigns are giving you more bang for your buck (and are therefore worth investing in), is a lot more challenging. A few short years ago, calculating media attribution from traditional media spend was, at best, murky guesswork.

Brands were missing the most crucial pieces of the puzzle, which made optimising their campaigns an ongoing, uphill battle that consisted of focus groups, speculation and well, not a whole lot else.

The good news is that delving into the data behind your media performance doesn’t have to require the insight of a statistical analyst or even an affinity for number-crunching; what this practice does require however, is a sophisticated tool that can meticulously measure both your CPI (cost per impact or impression) and CPA of individual channels like TV. Enter: marketing attribution software – Blix TV and Blix Intelligence are tools that make measuring these metrics easier than ever.

Here’s how one of our clients, Direct Response Media, used our intelligent tools to help one of their clients optimise their TV campaigns and marketing spend by reducing their CPR.

By implementing Blix TV, they were able to determine the number of people who registered on their website immediately after their TV spot aired. In essence, Blix TV helps you to correlate the actions people take (like visiting your website or signing up to your newsletter) directly after one of your TV ads is aired. You can then see which ads elicit the best response, based on time slots, networks and creative. By focusing your efforts on the best-performing slots (ie: the ones which yield the most traffic to your website), you can reduce your CPA, instead of wasting money on time slots that aren’t working. The client did exactly this: using the data generated by Blix TV, they were able to work out their CPA using Blix Intelligence. By tweaking their campaigns in line with this data, they were able to reduce both CPR and CPI, therefore decreasing marketing spend. And in turn, they could optimise future TV campaigns in line with their findings. The end result? By following these metrics for several weeks, they achieved an impressive 30% reduction in their CPA.

Using the data generated by our marketing attribution software, you can delve even deeper into the findings by implementing Google Analytics, for example.

Establishing that your TV campaigns are in fact facilitating web traffic is undoubtedly useful, but being able to find out who your visitors are gives you another layer of data from which to tailor your media campaigns and strategy. By using Google Analytics alongside marketing attribution software, you can see who is watching your ads, on which network and at what times. By identifying which time slots and creative resonate with which demographics, you’ll have  even more in-depth data to work from. You can then further optimise your campaigns by using the right messaging in line with the people who’re watching, or changing the time slot to appeal to the right demographic. After all, if your TV spots are successfully bringing in traffic to your website, but the people who’re visiting them aren’t your target audience, something needs to change.  

In short, marketing attribution software helps you to ensure that your media campaigns are  actually bringing in the right people at the right time, that your messaging is aligned to them across all channels (TV, website, social media, in-store), and that your media spend is culminating in conversions.

Want to get rich, actionable data about your media attribution? Find out more about Blix TV and Blix Traffic today.

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