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How Blix TV can help you measure the impact of your event advertisements

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Written by Tony Loxton
Dec 26

Large events are the perfect opportunity for businesses like yours to reach a large number of people. Just think of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, which reached over 3 billion people around the globe. But securing a television spot during a popular event doesn’t come cheap. It can also be difficult to know with certainty whether your event advertisement made a positive impact with genuine ROI.

Your marketing should reach the right audience

This can cause quite the dilemma for marketers who need to justify ad spend without knowing for sure what the end result even looks like. Furthermore, how can you know that your marketing messaging is reaching the right kind of viewer—your target customer demographic. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about demonstrable ROI and marketing reach for event advertisements any longer. Blix TV can give you crystal-clear visibility into exactly how your ads are performing. All you need to do is upload the schedule of your televised advertisements, and our program will show you how each airing affects factors like search volume, web traffic and sales. Here are a few ways that Blix TV can help you measure the effectiveness of your event advertising initiatives. 

Conduct A/B testing with ease

With Blix TV, it’s simple and easy to conduct A/B testing for different versions of TV ads. This is because you are given the actual customer response for individual advertisements, sponsorships and campaigns. Your final decision on which ad to run will then be grounded in actual data, including cost per response, cost per lead and actual sales generated.

See ROI differences across networks

With a detailed analysis of network and channel performance, Blix TV can give you a clear understanding of which networks give you the best ROI. These statistics can be segmented into regions, date ranges, shows and more. This way, you can focus your ad spend only on those networks that you know for sure will yield the ROI your business needs.

Discover your optimal air time

In addition to the previously mentioned features, Blix TV gives you a granular view of how your event advertisement affects key metrics like website visits and conversions. For multiple-day events like the World Cup or the Olympics, you can additionally discover which day of the week and time of the day works best to reach your desired audience of viewers.

Calculate your customer lifetime value with greater accuracy

One of the primary perks of being able to measure the actual effectiveness of your televised event advertisements is that you can calculate your customer lifetime value with greater accuracy. When you use solid data demonstrating how many customers you gain from a certain marketing initiative, you will be in a better position to optimise your marketing spend for those networks and events that are guaranteed to pack a punch. 

If you would like to learn more about how Blix TV analytics can help you measure the success of your televised marketing campaigns, get in touch today.

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