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How Blix Traffic provides insight into how passengers move through a train station

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Written by Tony Loxton
Dec 6

In our previous blog, we spoke about some of the benefits that people counters and foot traffic analytics offer to public transport operators. This week, we’ll take a closer look at how foot traffic software can give train operators invaluable insight into the way that passengers move through stations and interact with their service.

A 21st century solution to the challenges of managing public transport services

Blix Traffic is a next-generation people counter and foot traffic analytics solution that uses location information from WiFi-enabled smartphones to deliver real-time, footfall location data and analytics. Blix Traffic doesn’t require customers to opt in, download an app or even be connected to a WiFi network - it anonymously tracks the ‘probes’ from your customers’ smartphones to create detailed maps of the way commuters move through your station.

Here’s how some of the metrics Blix Traffic reports on can be used by train networks:

  • Visitors & unique visitors show the number of passengers using your service in real-time, giving you insight into your busiest and quietest periods
  • Visit duration allows you to measure how long passengers spend waiting for their train, and how long they spend on commutes
  • New vs. returning visitors measures how many visitors are using your network for the first time, as well as which customers are returning and how frequently they do so
  • Visitor flow lets you see how passengers move within your station, what their pre-commute activities are.

Sophisticated, real-time reporting to clients with multiple data integrations

Blix traffic is perfect for any business seeking to combine data from several different sources to get a complete picture of how commuters engage with their service at stations. Our software allows you to integrate ticketing, staffing and timetable data for a holistic view of your station’s operation.

Our people counter software gives you insight into:

  • Station movement

Blix Traffic can be used to measure how commuters move within a station before and after boarding a train, including the time it takes them to move between platforms, the number of passengers moving between platforms at all times, the number of interchange passengers switching lines mid-commute, and the total number of passengers entering and exiting the station.

  • Platform congestion

By measuring the volume of passengers per platform and the time these passengers spend on the platform, it’s possible to get accurate insights into levels of congestion at each time of day. By combining this with staffing and timetable data, you’ll be able to effortlessly identify how your staff are impacting performance during peak times.

  • Passenger journeys

Blix Traffic can measure WiFi probes from the same smartphone as the customer moves between stations, which allows you to measure journey times and the routes that passengers take between stations.

Security and privacy are at the core of everything we do, and the features of our Foot Traffic software reflect that:

  • Only anonymous data is gathered

Blix Traffic uses anonymous WiFi data only - none of the data we gather contains personal information or anything that can be used to identify customers. Our sensors don’t track call history, browsing history or even the user’s name and number.

  • Only trend and aggregate data is used

Blix doesn’t report on individual customer data - instead, we provide insights into trends and aggregate data of the movement through your station. Blix users are specifically prohibited from attempting data-matching in any form, so your customers’ privacy stays the priority.

  • Digital security measures keep your data safe

The data that our sensors transmit is protected by bank-level HTTPS security. Device IDs are encrypted so nobody (including us) is able to work out which device ID corresponds to certain data.

Blix Traffic gives train operators some invaluable insights into the way their passengers move throughout their stations. If you’re interested in unlocking a new world of insight into station performance, find out more about Blix foot traffic analtytics for transport here.


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