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Blix Retail Analytics can help increase supermarket revenue

Written by Tony Loxton
Jan 31

Increasing sales revenue and marketing ROI in a competitive retail environment like a supermarket requires quick reactions to changing customer behaviour. Blix business intelligence tools allow users to easily assess customer activity with a suite of analytics tools that can shed light on key customer behaviour metrics, from foot traffic statistics to brand loyalty.

The Blix sensor – an innovative 3G device that plugs into any wall outlet – anonymously and securely records the automated "ping" that every smart phone emits when searching for a wireless signal. Blix uses this WiFi ping data to provide real-time insights about customer movement, habits, and trends: how are customers interacting with each supermarket location in a region? Which campaigns or strategies improved walk-ins and sales?

Location specific customer insights

BLIX business analytics offers supermarket proprietors real-time information that a basic visitor counts can’t.

Top performing stores

By generating custom location-based reports, you'll be able to identify which of your locations generates the most foot traffic, has the most repeat customers, and sees the most uptick in business based on your marketing efforts. No more popularity estimates based on loose sales figures, Blix provides concrete data updated constantly.

What's different about top performers

Once top performing locations have been established, traffic patterns, time in-store, and even entrance and exit usage can be analysed to help determine the cause of location underperformance. With instant access to data, you no longer have to wait until the end of the week, month, or quarter to find out how each of your supermarket locations is performing.

Measure the impact of location-specific promotions

Because Blix is able to compare retail customer data between each location where a Blix sensor is installed, you'll be able to instantly assess the impact of promotions on each participating location. Marketing efforts can then be adjusted to ensure optimal ROI.

Real-time marketing analysis

Blix customer analytics gives supermarket proprietors key insights into marketing strategies and provides the tools to effectively analyse the success of a given campaign. By tracking foot traffic and visitor behaviour, Blix provides real-time feedback on promotion ROI.

Users are able to determine how both the overall network and individual locations are affected by a particular sale or special. Even the effectiveness of exterior signage can be analysed based on walk-in customer numbers.

Blix takes the guesswork out of business analytics, giving you tangible data that you can easily understand and react to as it's happening.

These are just a few of the ways supermarkets can benefit from the Blix business intelligence tools. For more information or to speak with a Blix representative, register your interest today.

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