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Enhancing the tourism industry with digital signage

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Written by Tony Loxton
Mar 29

Digital signage is a popular tool in a variety of industries, particularly retail and service-related industries. Another industry where digital signage is gaining momentum as a way to engage with people is the tourism industry. Digital signage can be an incredibly valuable tool for organisations looking to connect with tourists for a number of reasons. Here are a few of the ways digital signage is being used to enhance the tourism industry.

Easier wayfinding

Despite the convenience of GPS or a guided tour, many tourists enjoy exploring the city that they are visiting. Digital signage allows tourists to be a bit more adventurous while secure in the knowledge that if they do get lost, digital signage can help them get back on track. Digital signage can be used to help them re-establish where they are and how to get to their destination. highlights how digital signage plays a critical part in helping people find their way around Disney World, an amusement park that’s the same size as cities such as Manchester and Liverpool. Digital signage is used to help people navigate to and around the districts that make up Disney World.

Wi-Fi hotspots

Digital signage can also be partnered with Wi-Fi technology to create an easy way for tourists to stay connected, as well as for sharing important information with the tourist through push notifications. This is a natural pairing as a tourist is likely to seek out digital signage for information, and will also be looking for free Wi-Fi to avoid expensive international data charges.

Sharing news and local information

Digital signage can be used to provide tourists with vital news and information that might be common knowledge to the locals that may not be familiar to people outside of the region. If there's a cultural event that tourists might want to experience, such as a fair, art exhibition or parade, digital signage can inform visitors about the event. Local businesses, such as hotels, restaurants or taxi services, can also advertise their services directly to their target market. Digital signs can also be used to provide basic information that’s necessary for everyday planning, such as weather or traffic updates.

Gathering data for analytics

Digital signage that has Wi-Fi capabilities is also a great way to gather information from people visiting your city. Tourists who connect to the digital signage Wi-Fi can be asked to provide basic information in order to make use of the service. They can also be redirected to a landing page with a survey which can help you identify the greatest concerns of people visiting your city, and allow them to provide you with feedback to improve the experience for other tourists.

These are just a few ways that digital signage can be used to improve a visitor’s experience in your city. If you are interested in gathering data on your foot traffic, you need a people counting solution. Blix offers a number of cutting-edge people counting products, including foot traffic software, which you can use to track engagement with your digital signage, as well as deploy for use in a retail environment. Unlock the new world of customer insights into store performance with Blix’s range of solutions. For more information on these products, or if you just require additional advice, get in touch with Blix today.

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