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Do you know what your in-store conversion rate is?

Written by Tony Loxton
Apr 10

Your in-store conversion rate is a crucial metric that gives you insight into all other aspects of your store’s performance. If you don’t know how many people who visit your store actually end up making a purchase, you’ll have a hard time gauging the efficacy of your marketing tactics, your store layout and signage, and the performance of your staff. In other words, you’ll be operating with the retail equivalent of having only one eye open.

Tracking conversion rates used to rely on interrupting customers with a barrage of questions.

Before in-store analytics were an option, you needed to calculate your conversion rate manually via customer surveys. Any retailer worth their salt knows that customer experience trumps all else; the last thing a shopper wants is to be caught off guard and interrogated when all they want to do is complete their purchase and head home. Retail staff typically posed questions like: “How many times have you visited our store?” and “How many purchases have you made between X and Y?”. Not only is this approach incredibly invasive, it’s time consuming too. In order to survey all store visitors, you require a dedicated staff member, or, worse still, get all staff to incorporate these verbal inquiries into their day-to-day tasks.

To add insult to injury, data gathered from these impromptu focus groups wasn’t reliably accurate: customers could fabricate their answers, and shoppers could leave the store without being interviewed. Perhaps most worryingly of all is that there’s one major oversight to this method: you’re only gathering data about one half of the equation.

Calculating your in-store conversion rate begins with measuring your in-store traffic.

If you don’t know how many people are entering your store at any given time, it’s impossible to calculate your conversion rate; it’s one half of the equation. But using a manual traffic counter (ie: a staff member) won’t cut it. Because your conversion rate indicates all other areas of your retails store’s performance, you need accurate data. To do this, you need intuitive in-store analytics that gives you easy access to your footfall metrics, as well as indicate trends such as dwell time, repeat shoppers and more. Once you’re equipped with this software you can calculate your true conversion rate and address any conversion friction, like poor staff scheduling or confusing store layouts.

Having insight into in-store traffic metrics not only enables you to establish your conversion rate, but gives you insight into the areas that might be resulting in lost sales.

Blix Traffic does all of this and more. By tracking both foot traffic and customer engagement, and delivering this data in real-time, you can make informed decisions to increase your conversion rate. To learn more about how in-store traffic and customer engagement metrics can be used to increase your conversion rates, check out our Retail Conversion Calculator.

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