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COVID-19 Australian retail traffic update - 24 March

Written by Brett Stephenson
Mar 24

Retail traffic in Australia is down 29.6% YOY in the last week. Every day traffic patterns and customer behaviour is changing - Brett takes you through what our data is showing in the short video below.

As a world leader in customer experience analytics, Blix works with thousands of retail stores to increase sales, optimise costs and improve customer experience. Blix Traffic powered by CountSmart® provides much more than simple traffic counts and is able to measure traffic outside stores, in-store dwell time, missed opportunities, cross-shopping and more.


This report contains confidential customer traffic data collected from Blix sensors in thousands of locations around Australia. Each slide represents the traffic trends year on year for that suburb and is the average of all Blix sensors in that location (or Australia-wide as indicated). The data contained within is to be used as a guide only and Blix makes not representations as to the accuracy of this data in relation to specific shopping centres or districts. This data should be used for research purposes. Blix makes no representation or warranty as to the condition, quality, fitness for purpose, suitability, accuracy or safety of this data and excludes all express or implied warranties, terms, conditions and guarantees in relation to the data within and all liability for consequential or economic loss or damage which may arise in respect to this data.

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