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Could you be wasting your marketing budget on TV advertising?

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Written by Tony Loxton
Jul 19

Nothing creates more anxiety than the prospect of wasting tens of thousands of dollars on a failed TV advertising campaign. You could hire the most talented producers to create a silver-screen worthy TV commercial and cast Hugh Jackman as your lead actor, but if the sales data doesn’t demonstrate strong sales following the commercial’s release, your advertising efforts have been wasted.

TV advertising is a tricky beast and there are several ways to go about it. Most importantly, you need to ensure you’re on track to create campaigns that generate healthy ROI.

Not all forms of TV advertising are created equal  especially when it comes to your brand

You know that TV advertising is the way to go for your brand, and you’ve got the budget to spend. But which TV advertising channels do you spread that budget across to gain the highest return on investment? 

TV ads or infomercials: that is the question

TV ads are the most obvious option, but will you be able to fully promote your brand in the 15 to 30 seconds they allow? Another important factor in creating a winning commercial is partnering with the right production company, and one that has a proven track record of delivering successful campaigns. If you need more time to get your message across, infomercials give you up to an hour to sell your product with testimonials and demonstrations, and contain plenty of calls to action for viewers to make a purchase during the infomercial. However, opting for an infomercial will mean you are limited to early morning or late evening slots.

Sponsorship offers brands an opportunity to gain far-reaching TV exposure

With TV commercials, you’ve got a tiny window in which to make an impact on your audience. Infomercials widen that window, but at the expense of optimal time slots. Sponsorship gives brands wide exposure, without having to rely on timing in order to be effective. It relies on the brand impact and association of a TV programme to enhance your brand’s qualities. There are many types of sponsorship that a brand can pursue in order to resonate with their audiences, from programme and channel sponsoring, to genre sponsoring and fully-fledged partnerships that include branded content, promotions and competitions.

Product placements are great for brand visibility and can be more effective than traditional TV commercials

Product placements can be an effective method of promoting a brand and product, especially because many viewers are skeptical of traditional TV ads but do you have a suitable product (not to mention a big enough budget) to place in the TV shows your audiences tune in to? If you do, then there’s evidence to suggest that they’re highly influential and can positively change people’s perception of your brand.

Whatever your approach to advertising on TV, make sure you’re armed with data to help you create campaigns that generate strong ROI

 When it comes to TV advertising, guesswork or intuition won’t ensure that campaigns generate sales. Monitoring CPA and response rates by network, market, creative and time of day can help you achieve higher ROI across your TV advertising efforts. Blix TV monitors the impact of TV advertising time slots, giving you data driven insights to help you extract more from your marketing budget. Get in touch with Blix today to find out how we can help your TV advertising efforts fly.

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