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Business intelligence should aim higher than web analytics and sales data

Written by Tony Loxton
Sep 26

Business intelligence is a hot topic at the moment. Technology vendors are lining up to offer marketing teams a dizzying array of dashboards and charting tools, with sales brochures sprinkled with buzzwords like "big data" and "ROI". 

There's just one problem: business intelligence needs more than a pretty chart. Most business intelligence systems connect a handful of separate analytics tools--Google Analytics, Salesforce and maybe a monthly sales report--to monitor business performance. And while these platforms offer good insight into individual parts of the business, they’re often missing a crucial link: what’s happening in-store. 

How to reveal the missing link in your sales funnel

We built Blix because we believe that real “business intelligence” means having an accurate view across all elements of your business, not just those that are easy to measure (things like web analytics or sales revenues). Every part of your sales funnel, from the digital marketing team to the in-store sales clerks, should be able to demonstrate a clear ROI. 

Footfall and customer analytics for retail

Blix retail metrics bridges the gap between what happens on your website and sales in your stores. It is a performance management system for your retail network. Our in-store traffic profiling, marketing attribution and store performance tools can show you what campaigns are driving the most value, whether your sales teams are engaging customers and whether your store layouts are attracting or driving away sales.

For more info on Blix metrics and how it can reveal the insights within your sales funnel, get in touch.

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