Foot Traffic Analytics

Blix & Wildjar partner to combine call tracking and footfall data insights


Written by Tony Loxton
Aug 22

The most valuable leads for any business are the ones that pick up the telephone or walk into a retail environment, because they show high levels of purchase intent. The more a business can know about these customers, the better.

Wildjar is the most sophisticated call tracking and attribution solution on the market today. With the ability to gather detailed intelligence on your inbound phone leads, Wildjar is the perfect compliment to Blix Traffic’s footfall analytics technology.

Businesses can view Blix Traffic data on the Wildjar dashboard, or Wildjar data within Blix Traffic - the choice is yours. Core metrics on inbound calls as well as customer foot traffic are easily viewed to get the full picture on how, and which, marketing efforts are driving customer interest. This data can then be used to improve marketing and sales outcomes, increase conversion rates and boost profits.

Wildjar call tracking insights

For inbound telephone leads, Wildjar provides unprecedented levels of insight, such as:

  • Where - know where phone leads are coming from and attribute them back to the correct advertising channel such as adwords, emails etc.
  • Who - understand who your leads are and if you’ve heard from them before
  • What - analyse phone conversations to learn how to improve sales staff performance
  • Connect - integrate call data into your CRM and other platforms to seamlessly measure the buyers journey.

Blix Traffic foot traffic analytics

Blix Traffic measures customer foot traffic using anonymous data collected from smartphones. Blix Traffic uses this data to tell you:

  • Walkby traffic - how many people are passing by the front of your retail store
  • Unique visitors - how many individual customers visit your store
  • Average visit duration - how long your customers are spending in-store
  • Repeat visitation - how many of your customers have previously visited your store
  • Bounce rate - what percentage of your customers leave your store too quickly to purchase
  • Visit recency - how long is it between visits for your customers
  • Cross shopping - how many of your customers are visiting multiple stores and which stores are most effective at closing sales
  • Staff Rosters - optimal rostering based on actual demand and customer experience.

For more information on how the Blix Traffic and Wildjar solution can improve the leads to sales conversion rates for your business, get in touch today and learn more about footfall traffic analytics.

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