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Blix TV - the new way to monitor your television spend

Written by Tony Loxton
Dec 4

It can be difficult to track the overall impact of your television advertising over and above the delivery of audience. It’s great to get the eyeballs on your content, but what are they doing as a result? Blix TV plants you in the heart of the zero moment of truth or, ZMOT.

At Blix we understand that in today’s world, TV is a multi screen environment. This year Nielsen reported in its quarterly ‘Multi Screen Report’ that 75% of TV consumption is now a multi screen event with audiences utilising tablets, mobile and laptops while watching TV. The ZMOT behaviour pattern is being manifested in our living rooms through this evolving multi screening world.

Blix TV has been specifically designed with an algorithm to measure that moment. We analyse and track your TV media against your website analytics to determine the actual impact of your advertisements on your target audience. As a result, you are able to process the actions taken by a consumer as a direct result of your advertisements. So instead of measuring your TV on eyeballs (the traditional way), you can now measure your TV advertising on customer response - pretty neat, right?

But most importantly this is about opening the world to accountability and performance. TV advertising is one of your most expensive media channels, so you deserve to have a clear understanding of the levels of success. By opening this new window into TV analytics Blix will empower you to make confident media planning decisions to reduce your cost per lead metrics and have a clear understanding on the ROI of TV.

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