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Blix Traffic rolls out Benchmarking feature with real-time industry metrics

Written by Tony Loxton
Jun 23

Measuring your own data is crucial, but knowing how you’re faring against your competitors is just as important. Bar some James Bond-esque espionage, getting hold of this information has been (almost) as tricky as a covert CIA mission – until now that is. We’ve rolled out our brand new Benchmarking feature, making it easier than ever to measure your store’s performance against industry competitors.

Unlike the majority of benchmarking reports which are based on sales, (and therefore mean that you’re measuring performance after the fact), Blix Traffic measures the most important metric above sales in the sales funnel: walk-in traffic to your retail stores.

Forget about industry reports containing data months after the fact, Blix Traffic’s Benchmarking tool gathers data in real-time – so you’re always one step ahead of the curve.

There’s no waiting around to see how your performance measures up. And in a fiercely competitive market, being able to make data-driven decisions and strike while the iron is hot can be the difference between being an industry leader and one who’s barely limping across the finish line. Here’s how Blix Traffic’s Benchmarking feature can help you to increase your performance, optimise operations and thrive in your market:

Using the data gathered by our Benchmarking feature, you can:

  • Performance manage your retail network and create KPIs for store managers
  • Understand your store or business’ performance against the industry average
  • Conduct A/B testing between stores
  • Quickly see just how effective your marketing initiatives are
  • Understand how staff are performing during seasonal periods against your respective retail network and the industry average

Our Benchmarking feature uses ‘tags’ to segment performance metrics, which means you can measure the data that’s the most meaningful for you.

We’ve made our Benchmarking feature as easy to use as possible – because no one has time to fiddle around with complicated interfaces when there are a million other tasks on your to-do list. Set up is quick, and in a matter of minutes you’ll be looking at rich data gathered across your industry. What’s more, our Benchmarking tool isn’t only for comparing your performance with that of your competitors, but for comparing how one of your stores fares against those in other locations too. You’ll be able to easily identify opportunities and potential problems using the following five performance metrics:

  • Average Visit Duration
  • Bounce Rate
  • Walkbys
  • Visits
  • Unique Visitors

And as I’ve mentioned before, comparing individual store performance is invaluable, but when combined with data to measure your performance against the industry as a whole, you’re more than equipped to amplify all areas of your operations.

Ready to give your business the edge? Find out about Blix Traffic today.

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