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Blix Traffic integrates with major WiFi hardware vendors

Written by Tony Loxton
Jan 21

If your business has already invested heavily in WiFi (or plans to) throughout your retail locations, you can connect Blix Traffic in a few easy steps.

No matter the reason for investing in WiFi in your retail stores (for customers or staff/systems), you can now further leverage that investment by connecting Blix Traffic for industry leading customer engagement analytics.

How does this integration work?

If your WiFi hardware offers cloud management, then you can simply add the Blix Traffic API address via your cloud management interface, and Blix will receive your WiFi data within a few minutes. This means you can be up and running with Blix Traffic in not time at all, and be gathering invaluable customer engagement metrics on your entire business.

Which systems has Blix integrated with?

Blix has already developed API connects with the following WiFi hardware vendors:

If your WiFi hardware isn't listed above, then please get in touch to find out if and when the hardware you're using is, or will be Blix Traffic enabled.

How does Blix Traffic compare to 'location analytics' offered by many WiFi systems?

Many of the leading WiFi manufacturers and platforms offer some type of 'location analytics' - but understand that these analytics are mostly designed for IT to know what is happening on the WiFi network.

Blix Traffic is very different - it provides customer engagement and location analytics to enable senior management (e.g. CEO, CFO, Head of Retail Operations, Area Managers etc.) to drive decisions and increase profit and ROI - our entire system is based around this goal. As such, Blix Traffic provides deeper insights into the performance of your business and enables you to drive results that have a huge impact on your bottom line.

For more information, get in touch.

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