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Blix Traffic 2.0 is here!

Blix Traffic Automotive Showroom analytics for a car dealership

Written by Tony Loxton
Feb 23

The team at Blix has been working day and night to overhaul our entire product with one simple goal in mind - deliver greater value to our clients. Many months in the making, we are proud to release a completely new and updated Blix Traffic platform.

The list of improvement is huge, so I won’t list them all here. Instead I’ll just cover off some of the highlights and tell you a little about what else is coming in the months ahead.

Here is a quick video run through the new Blix Traffic UI. Read on for a more detailed description on some of the major updates.



Industry reporting

Until now, Blix was a one size fits all system. Not anymore. Blix Traffic now has custom reporting by industry for Retail, Automotive, Hospitality and Property (custom reporting for public transport and events is coming very soon).

Car showroom analytics dashboard

At the top of this article you can see a sneak peek of our Auto dashboard designed specifically for in-dealership staff. It tracks the sales team performance against KPIs, highlights customer cross shopping, missed sales opportunities and more.

Retail analytics dashboard

This Retail dashboard is designed for a Store Manager to know exactly how their store is performing on all the company KPI’s and highlights issues at a glance.

Blix Traffic Retail Analytics dashboard for retailers

Detailed sales reporting

Sales conversion rates only tell part of the story. The Blix Traffic sales reports make it quick and easy to diagnose the cause of an issue, not just that one exists. By combining the Blix Traffic footfall analytics data with sales data, clients can investigate hourly, daily and weekly performance across any combination of stores or data points - pretty cool huh!

Blix Traffic Retail Analytics daily sales

Location, location, location

Everyone knows that location is everything. The traffic surrounding your business is critical to success - that is if you can draw that passing traffic into your showroom or store. Blix Traffic provides the ability to compare different locations as well as identify how changes to a location impact customer traffic.

Blix Traffic Visual Merchandise and Window conversion report

Stay tuned for more updates as they’re released and get in touch with your Account Manager if you have any questions or would like to book a training session.

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