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Blix releases retail engagement tool to optimise customer experience

Written by Tony Loxton
Feb 15

Focusing on customer experience to deliver a competitive advantage is essential for retailers. Gartner research highlighted this as a key metric for retail business as a means to differentiate from competitors, with product offer and pricing no longer sufficient to gain new customers or maintain loyalty. Maximising customer engagement remains the most important issue facing retailers today.

The new CX Engagement tool within Blix Traffic brings focus to location performance highlighting changes that can improve your customer engagement and competitive advantage.

By understanding how the correlation between bounce rate and visitor duration impacts on other customer metrics, we can determine which locations are engaging customers optimally and those needing operational improvement.

Blix's new interactive CX Engagement report maps each location's performance into groups:

  • Top 20% - delivering optimal customer experience

  • Middle 60% - requires improvement through operational changes

  • Bottom 20% - needs priority attention to address poor customer experience issues

Using insights like the above, you can make data-driven decisions about all operational aspects of your stores.

This update to Blix Traffic integrates our new benchmark called Blix Performance Index, which ranks each location's customer engagement performance against other stores.

Blix Traffic is focused on measuring customer experience to give you performance insights about how customers engage in your retail locations. Our in store analytics gathers metrics to empower informed decisions that can impact the engagement you have with customers.

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