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Blix & Popup WiFi partner to provide location analytics for events


Written by Tony Loxton
Aug 28

Blix is the world leader in location analytics, working with retailers, car companies, property developers, transport networks and tourism bodies around the world. Many of these companies run large event and sponsorship programs to support their brands, but have little insight into the return on investment (ROI) of these activities - until now.

Big brands use Blix Traffic to measure and understand customer engagement at their events. By coupling this data with their retail or sales network Blix Traffic data, they can also see how many event attendees visit a retail store and purchase their product. ROI - check.

Developing a scalable model for brands and event organisers has meant re-thinking Blix hardware and setup. Blix Traffic does provide a plug ‘n play hardware option, however it isn’t ideally suited to events and activations. This is where Popup WiFi comes in.

Popup WiFi provides portable wifi solutions for events

Popup WiFi provides a modular range of hardware for events of any size and duration, ranging from a small Popup Go unit through to a fully branded Wifi Tower. All Popup WiFi services can be used to provide Blix Traffic location analytics, as well as fast, secure and branded internet to event attendees.


Popup WiFi is simple to setup for event organisers as it comes ready to go, out of the box. The customer facing Wifi portal can be fully branded and can collect valuable customer data such as email addresses or phone numbers for up to 600 concurrent users. The units are weatherproof and even have a battery powered option.

If you would like to provide Wifi at your next event, whilst also measuring customer experience and attributing an event return on investment to your retail stores, then get in touch with Blix or Popup WiFi for more information.

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