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Blix launches staff rostering tool to optimise retail operations

Written by Tony Loxton
Dec 14

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our Staff Rostering functionality, now available to selected clients in beta.

Optimising your staff roster according to customer demand is crucial. Unfortunately, many retailers design their staff schedule and allocation solely according to data from their POS –  leading to an unpleasant customer experience and ultimately, a loss of revenue.

Our new functionality combines foot traffic with customer engagement data and correlates it with staffing and sales data.

Colour-coded graphs and heatmaps make deciphering the relationship between staff rostering and customer engagement simple –  empowering you to make data-driven decisions to optimise your staffing roster and increase ROI.

Blix’s smart Staff Rostering functionality enables you to:

Identify your ideal staff to customer ratio – Based on customer demand (calculated using both historic and real-time data), you can plan your staff roster accordingly, ensuring customers have an optimal in store experience to facilitate brand loyalty, as well as sales.

Determine staff rostering for maximum sales – Our heatmap instantly identifies the areas that are understaffed, and as a result, making the biggest impact on sales.

Calculate missed sales opportunities – Identify the amount of revenue lost due to understaffing during peak times by week.

Measure your store’s bounce rate – Calculate the increase in bounce rates due to understaffing during your busiest trading times.

If you want to maximise your ROI and increase customer engagement, optimising your staff rostering is vital.

Get in touch with your Blix account manager to join the beta testing today.

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