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Blix joins the Skyfii family

Written by Tony Loxton
Sep 18

We are thrilled to announce that Skfyii, the globally leading omni data intelligence company, has acquired Blix. 

Blix has been seeking to further develop its product range and expand it customer base into more regions around the world. The acquisition by Skyfii is going to provide this opportunity given their global presence and comprehensive product suite.

The core Blix team is transitioning across to Skfyii and is very excited to be working with such a great company with a big vision for the future. 

Skyfii chief executive Wayne Arthur said the acquisition further strengthened the company’s position as a market-leading provider of data-driven venue analytics.

“The acquisition reinforces our strategic focus on delivering a diversified mix of products and services into physical venues globally and supports our stated strategy to grow both organically and via accretive and complementary acquisitions,” Arthur said.

“The Blix product and technology solution represents a cost-effective solution for small to medium-sized venues, whilst delivering valuable insights to inform staff rostering, sales conversion, repeat visitation and customer dwell times.”

Skyfii said it planned to sell Blix’s offerings to its global customers, including the UK, Europe, Asia and North America.

About Skyfii

ASX-listed Australian technology company, Skyfii (ASX:SKF) helps physical venues measure, predict, and
influence customer behaviour. Skyfii’s cloud-based software platform, the IO Platform, helps venues visualise
trends from digital and physical data in a single system of record. The IO Platform provides location and behaviour
based communications software and tools to manage guest Wi-Fi, 2D and 3D cameras, people counting
technology, weather and social media data across multiple locations.

With a portfolio across 30 countries, Skyfii is globally trusted in over 6,500 venues across retail, shopping centre,
airports, cultural centres, smart cities and hospitality verticals.

Please visit to read more about Skyfii and our broad range of services.

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