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Blix: Helping A Global Luxury Brand Achieve Growth In Unpredictable Times


Written by Tony Loxton
May 13

The Challenge

In 2017, a global luxury brand began a partnership with us at Blix. They were looking to improve the accuracy of their foot traffic tracking, to enhance their customer experience, and to set a new customer service KPI in their retail stores across Australia.  

Prior to Blix, this brand had relied on camera-based people counters that were installed above their entrances to their stores. The data gathered by this solution only offered a simple count, and was inaccurate due to the number of staff moving between the doors. In order to improve the accuracy of their traffic data, they decided to provide their security staff at the entrances with clickers, but this traffic information was also unreliable. This lack of confidence in both sets of data left them seeking another solution.  

Improving traffic accuracy with Blix

Once Blix was implemented, we had a more accurate picture of the retail traffic in each store. Thanks to this data, it became clear to us that staff rostering was an issue and that changes would need to be made to improve the customer experience in each location.

Here is an example of one of their established locations and how we adapted their roster to suit the October shopping period in 2017 versus the October period in 2018. The values in these tables indicate a staff to customer ratio over a one hour period.

Location 1 - October 2017

 Blix Graph 1-1

The values in the table below indicate a staff to customer ratio over a one hour period. Light green highlights indicate where we lowered the staff to customer ratio, while light purple highlights where we increased it.

Location 1 - October 2018

 Blix Graph 2

The results? Growth against all odds  

The implementation of Blix and the insights we provided resulted in changes to the global luxury brand’s operations. Here’s a look at fourth-quarter growth across all of the brand’s locations, just one year apart:

Changes between the fourth quarter of 2017 and 2018

 Blix Graph 3

At first glance, these results appear to be mixed. Certain locations experienced a drop in Average Visit Duration, Transactions, and Sales Conversion. Three locations even saw an increase in bounce rate.

But here’s what’s really interesting. Despite a drop in some areas, the global luxury brand saw increases in ATV across the board.

 Blix Graph 4

Revenue also saw incredibly positive growth in all locations (except for one, which experienced a minor decline of 1%).

Blix Graph 5

While some may look at the 1% drop as a major blemish in comparison to our other achievements with this client, the opposite is true. Across the globe, in countries like China and France, the growth of luxury brands is in doubt. Some are describing the current trends as a slow down, while others have even gone so far as to label it a decline, but this is undoubtedly clear: it is against this backdrop of uncertainty that we were able to achieve major growth of between 2% and 42% at 6 of the 7 locations.

Get Blix

At Blix, we offer a foot traffic solution that provides the customer with insights that are not possible with other foot traffic products. Where traditional foot traffic tools are often fixed to doors and track the traffic that passes between them, Blix measures foot traffic and how people interact within the store space, thanks to sensors that detect and track anonymous smartphone signals. This data can then be used to gather information on a number of metrics, including average visit duration or walk-by trends, which we use to reshape a  retailer’s customer experience.

If you are interested in our product, get in touch so we can arrange a demo. Or, if you have any other queries that you’d like to chat to us about, be sure to contact us today.

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