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Blix announce new NPS dashboard integration

Written by Tony Loxton
Oct 18

Customer experience has become essential for retailers to differentiate themselves from their competitors in the retail market - infact a recent survey by Gartner revealed that 89% of retail businesses plan to compete on the basis of customer experience.

Understanding your customers and what makes them tick has become more and more important as the retail market competition intensifies. Formulating a method to track standard KPIs such as NPS (Net Promoter Score) has been, up until now, the most definitive way of achieving that.  

A leading retailer with more than 120 stores Australia-wide engaged Blix to build a new dashboard that would combine both customer engagement metrics, NPS and POS data.


This approach adds a new level of accountability, allowing store managers, to regional and national managers a better understanding of each store's performance. It achieves this by documenting a clear correlation between the foot traffic the stores are generating (via Blix Traffic data), with customer satisfaction, bounce rates and conversion rates. From this overview, the managers get a clear indicator of what areas need improving within their stores.


At Blix our focus is simple - improving retail performance. The new integration with NPS data gives any retail business a snapshot of overall store performance on one page. It's easy to understand, live and actionable. 

Stay tuned for more as we will be releasing new Staff Rostering and Sales Optimisation analytics in the next two months.

If you would like to learn more about our latest dashboard, simply contact us.

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