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4 ways to improve your TV campaign performance

Written by Tony Loxton
Sep 14

TV may be the most effective means of marketing your brand, but it comes with a hefty price tag. Having accurate, actionable insight into your TV campaign performance is vital to ensure effective ROI. Here are 4 ways you can improve the performance of your TV campaign.

1 - Define whether you are trying to create brand awareness or drive sales before choosing a timeslot

Many brands pay a premium to air their commercials during a game between the Wallabies and the All Blacks, or during the finale of Masterchef. This is when millions of people are glued to their screens, so it must be the best time to reach their audience — right? This is not always the case. Airing a television commercial during peak times is assumed to give you more bang for your buck. However, the reality is that the resulting sales are often insignificant compared to the cost of airing an ad during a primetime slot. Granted, they’re great for branding and exposure, but less so for driving actual customer responses and increasing sales.

2 - Measure direct response metrics

In order to gauge whether your TV ad is driving sales, you need to measure the actions it’s facilitating. To do this, you need to include a call to action during your TV ad, such as a call centre number, a code to download an app, your website address or a discount code that can be redeemed in store. Once your ad has aired, you can measure the number of calls generated or apps downloaded, the volume of your website traffic or the number of coupons redeemed in-store to better understand if your TV ad is having an effect on sales. 

3 - Combine set-top box data with direct response metrics

Thanks to the data available from set top boxes, marketers and agencies now have a vast range of household-specific information that can supplement data gleaned from CRMs, loyalty programs and credit card purchases. AdExchanger reports that “Set-top box data ties to specific households, which means that marketers, through a data match, can understand the buying tendencies of those households. Then they can buy ads on the shows that the best prospects watch most”. In turn, marketers have far more insight into the performance of their TV campaigns than they would if they were to rely on broad demographic data from the likes of Nielsen and OzTAM. The specific data gleaned from set top boxes helps you eliminate spending vast amounts on the wrong time slots. By dedicating budget solely to the time slots that actively drive revenue, you can reduce TV spend and cost per action to increase total ROI.

4 - Implement a TV advertising analytics solution

A TV advertising analytics solution is vital in measuring the impact of your TV campaign. Blix TV is a TV advertising analytics solution that makes measuring and importantly, understanding  your TV campaign performance simple. Blix TV allows you to perform A/B testing so you can measure actual customer response, compare ROI by network, assess the performance of TV ads across different markets and regions and identify the most impactful time and day for your TV ads in a single package. All of this data is presented in an easy to understand, actionable way. Make sure your TV spend is resulting in improved TV campaign performance. Find out more about Blix TV today.


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