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The following videos demonstrate how Blix Traffic works, what data is provided to dealerships, dealer groups and OEM's and how this data will ultimately help move metal. If you have any questions or would like a live demo, get in touch today.

Dealership traffic reporting

The dealership dashboard report is designed to provide a quick, 1-page overview of dealership traffic and performance for a single showroom for the last 7 / 30 days. The report covers:

  • Traffic - the volume of customer traffic inside and outside the showroom
  • Sales opportunties - the estimated number of sales that should have bee made over the last 7 / 30 days
  • Returning visitors - how many people returned and how many days between visits
  • Showroom traffic - unique visitors to your showroom over the last 9 days, 12 weeks and 14 months including the average of your dealership network
  • Lost opportunities - the number of possible missed sales due to customers not being engaged by sales
  • Dwell time - how long customers spend in the showroom by day
  • Cross shopping - how many customers are visiting other dealerships before/after yours

Duration: 7:38

Blix Traffic _ Auto Dealership Dashboard overview

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Listen to a dealer General Manager

Jonathan Pau is the General Manager of a leading Hyundai dealership. Listen to him explain how he uses the Blix data to make informed decisions, performance manage his team and sell more vehicles.


Listen to an OEM Area Manager

Bernard McPhee-Lam is an Area Manager for the Hyundai Motor Company. Listen to him explain how he uses the Blix data to have informed decisions with his Dealer Principles and General Managers and uses the data to improve their sales performance.


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Measure events & activations

Blix can measure traffic at an event or activation such as a shopping centre or sporting event. Quickly see how many customers engaged with your activation and then visited your dealership, or surrounding dealers.


Working with Blix

The team at Blix have worked in dealerships and for OEM's. This experience is invaluable when it comes to understanding how this data can benefit both the sales teams on the floor, the area management teams and the OEM marketing and sales teams.


What's the cost?

Blix Traffic is a fully managed service. One low monthly fee covers the hardware, data and service.



Blix Traffic footfall analytics pricing

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