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Blix Traffic

People counting for airports

Passenger footfall and customer experience measurement for airports

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Airport Footfall

Blix Traffic uses passenger smartphone signals to measure airport footfall and provide powerful insights into customer counts and movement in some of the busiest places on earth.

Count Airport Passengers

Real-time people counting in airports assists in responding to dynamic situations and also provides essential data for future planning.

Count airport passengers
Monitor passenger traffic flow

Monitor Passenger Traffic Flow

Understanding people movement within airports is essential to managing congestion and improving the customer experience for travellers.

Maximise Retail & Real Estate Revenues

Measuring footfall and popular routes throughout airports is essential to making the most of retail revenues and maximising the return on investment for airport real estate.

Maximise Retail & Real Estate Revenues
Deploy Staff Efficiently

Deploy Staff Efficiently

Using accurate people counting data can enable true demand driven rostering and staff schedules throughout the airport to accurately reflect customer needs.

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How it works

Blix Traffic people counting technology uses anonymous customer smartphone data to count people and measure how they move through airports.

Some of the benefits of Blix Traffic include:

  • Provides rich data beyond simple people counts
  • Quick and easy setup 
  • Uses your existing WiFi network on Blix's Plug and Play system
  • Cloud-based service with full remote support
  • Your own dedicated account manager
How it works

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of footfall data does Blix Traffic provide?

Blix Traffic provides much more than just people counts because it uses smartphone data which, while anonymous, does give the ability to identify each individual smartphone. This provides rich data such as:

  • retail and food court - what percentage of customers visit these areas of the airport, how often and what time they spend in the retail stores and food courts,
  • new vs returning passengers - what percentage of travellers have been seen before vs those that haven't,
  • dwell times - on average, what amount of time do passengers spend in particular areas of the airport,
  • passenger flows and routes - which paths do passengers take through the airports
  • frequency of visits - how often do passengers return to the airport, and
  • time between visits - how many days or weeks is it between visits for travellers to the airport.

What about traveller privacy?

Blix Traffic collects anonymous smartphone data from Wifi enabled smartphones. This data cannot be matched to the identity of the smartphone owner - so whilst we know how often we see phones and where they go, at no point do we know who owns the phones. You can read more about our privacy policy here.

How accurate is the Blix Traffic data?

The accuracy of our data depends on a few factors such as the Wifi hardware used and the environment being measured. The Blix Traffic plug 'n play hardware provides accuracy in the range of 80% to 95% of total people counts. Airports are large spaces and are generally very conducive to measuring people movement with Blix Traffic and as such do not have a negative impact on accuracy.

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