Customer experience analytics to increase sales conversion

Blix optimises sales conversion for bricks and mortar retail stores by measuring customer behaviour, analysing data and driving execution across store networks.


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One easy, powerful & clever foot traffic system

You already have store traffic. Blix Traffic helps you convert more traffic into customers. Combine our industry leading foot traffic and customer experience analytics with your business data to make data-driven decisions in real-time.

Trusted by leading brands

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Blix Traffic Features

Features to make your life easy

Blix Traffic goes beyond traditional door counters and people counters to not only measure customer foot traffic but also, the way customers engage with your business. Designed to make your life simple so that you can focus on increasing sales conversion and revenue, our system is easy to use, installed in minutes and powerful beyond belief.

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Customer experience and foot traffic data

CX Data

Rich traffic and customer experience data to diagnose store performance issues and make smarter decisions.

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Sales conversion reporting for bricks and mortar retailers

Conversion Reports

Easy to use reporting that quickly identifies issues effecting sales conversion and provides action items.

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Automatic removal of staff from the people counter data

Staff removal

Store staff, area managers and delivery people are automatically removed from the data.

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Plug 'n' play people counting sensors

Plug 'n' Play

Blix Traffic is a completely managed service and our sensors simply need power. No IT support required!

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Integrate sales, staffing and marketing data with foot traffic analytics

Data Integrations

Integrate your sales, staffing and marketing data to make smarter decisions in real-time.

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Lifetime warranty on Blix sensors

Lifetime Warranty

The days of paying thousands to install people counters is over. Blix sensors are warrantied for life.

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Sales conversion optimisation for retail & automotive

Blix works with leading retail and automotive brands to measure customer traffic with one very simple goal - increase sales conversion rates. Our dedicated team have a proven track record and deliver incredible results.

How to increase sales conversion

Retail stores

Blix works with leading retailers from luxury brands to fashion and furniture. The Blix Traffic system provides tailored reporting for all levels of retail from store manager to CEO and has retail-specific reports to optimise sales conversion for bricks and mortar retailers.

  • Foot traffic trends
  • YoY analysis with L4L
  • Point of sale data integration
  • Time in attendance data integration
  • Detailed sales reporting
  • Staff to customer ratio analysis
  • Conversion tracking over time
  • Marketing to store traffic correlation


Car showrooms

Blix is the automotive industry standard for measuring walk-in traffic and customer experience in dealerships. The Blix Traffic system is installed in thousands of showrooms for more than 14 vehicle manufacturers in 12 countries. Our reporting is tailored specifically to automotive dealerships and OEMs.

  • Walk-in traffic trends
  • Performance versus benchmark
  • Only unique customers counted
  • Staff removed from counts
  • Cross-shopping between showrooms
  • Missed sales opportunities
  • Conversion reporting
  • Sales funnel reports


How it works

Plug 'n' Play

Blix Traffic sensors detect anonymous smartphone signals to provide detailed foot traffic, customer experience and location analytics data. Blix is a plug 'n' play system with an onboard 4G internet connection that only needs power. Installed in minutes, up and running in seconds and fully supported by Blix, your IT team can rest easy!

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How the Blix Traffic foot traffic and customer experience analytics platform works
Advanced foot traffic and customer experience analytics

Traffic Data

Beyond simple door counts

Blix Traffic is the next generation of people counter. Our system collects anonymous data on smartphones, all of which are unique. This enables Blix Traffic to provide powerful data such as:

  • Traffic outside your stores
  • Customer & unique customers inside
  • Customer dwell times
  • Customer bounce rates
  • Peel off rates
  • Customer loyalty
  • Cross-shopping

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Trusted by leading brands

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Brien Winther

Brien Winther

President, Pandora

"Implementing Blix data KPIs has resulted in better visibility of consumer engagement and accountability. This has also helped improve customer satisfaction and conversion rates."
Tim Schaafsma

Tim Schaafsma

Managing Director, Freedom Furniture

"Blix Traffic has provided us with an independent measurement of store traffic and visitor flow, providing us with a greater amount of information on customer experience than we have had before."
Veronica Johns

Veronica Johns

CEO, Fiat Chrysler

"Blix Traffic has provided the Fiat Chrysler team powerful insights into marketing increased sales conversion across our dealer network. Blix TV has increased the effectiveness of our TV advertising by 30% and the impact on sales was outstanding."
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