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A radical and proven
new way to measure your business

Blix measures every element of your sales process
from TV advertising to in-store sales conversions

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Blix provides ROI transparency and gives greater accountability for media, marketing and sales teams to focus on performance.

Leading brands are using Blix to measure ROI and improve their bottom line.
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3 products integrated into one
easy-to-use platform




Measure customer foot traffic and engagement like never before

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Optimise your TV advertising spend based on actual response rates

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Analyse your sales funnel performance and media investment ROI

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Achieve a much better ROI for your business through data driven decision making.

  • Measure foot traffic, customer engagement, loyalty, cross shopping, sales conversions, workforce management and more.
  • Identify exactly how and where marketing changes customer behaviour and more.
  • With A/B testing of your creative, you will see when and where your customers respond & much more.

Find out how Blix products will increase the accountability, performance and bottom line of your business.

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