Customer experience analytics to increase retail sales

Thousands of retail stores use Blix Traffic to increase sales, decrease operating costs, improve customer experience. 

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Blix is providing Australian retailers with daily video updates on what's happening with customer foot traffic in key retail locations around the country.

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The world's most accurate smartphone analytics solution

The unparalleled accuracy of Blix Traffic, powered by our proprietary CountSmart® technology, provides you with deep insights that help you optimise your customer experience, decrease costs and increase sales.

Blix recognised as a Top 10 Retail Analytics Solution in APAC

See how Wallace Bishop uses Blix to grow sales
"I was only looking for a traffic counter, but Blix has given us so much more. In under 12-months we are experiencing consistent sales growth and have lifted conversion by four percentage points."

Geoff Robertson
National Sales Manager 
Wallace Bishop


Trusted by leading brands

Blix Traffic Features

Features to make your life easy

Blix Traffic goes beyond traditional door counters and people counters to not only measure customer foot traffic but also, the way customers engage with your business. Designed to make your life simple so that you can focus on increasing sales conversion and revenue, our system is easy to use, installed in minutes and powerful beyond belief.

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Retail & automotive

Blix works with leading retail and automotive brands to measure customer traffic with one very simple goal - increase sales. Our dedicated team have a proven track record and deliver incredible results.

How to increase sales conversion

Retail stores

Blix Traffic provides retail reporting for all levels of the business from store manager to CEO. 

  • Outside traffic & shopfront conversion
  • Inside traffic & sales conversion
  • Labour optimisation & staff:customer ratios
  • Customer experience analytics
  • YoY analysis with L4L
  • Detailed sales reporting
  • In-store performance reports
  • Marketing analysis


Car showrooms

Blix Traffic system is installed in thousands of showrooms for more than 14 vehicle manufacturers in 12 countries. 

  • Unique customer traffic trends
  • Performance versus benchmark
  • Engaged customer traffic & dwell times
  • Staff removed from counts
  • Cross-shopping between showrooms
  • Missed sales opportunities
  • Conversion reporting
  • Sales funnel reports


How it works

Plug 'n' Play

Blix Traffic sensors detect anonymous smartphone signals to provide detailed foot traffic, customer experience and location analytics data. Blix is a plug 'n' play system with an onboard 4G internet connection that only needs power. Installed in minutes, up and running in seconds and fully supported by Blix, your IT team can rest easy!

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How the Blix Traffic foot traffic and customer experience analytics platform works
Advanced foot traffic and customer experience analytics

Traffic Data

Beyond simple door counts

Blix Traffic powered by CountSmart® is the next generation of people counter which provides unrivalled accuracy in:

  • Outside traffic & shopfront conversion
  • Store traffic
  • Dwell time
  • Bounce rates & missed opportunities
  • Customer loyalty
  • Cross-shopping

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Trusted by leading brands

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