Customer experience analytics to increase sales conversion.

Blix optimises sales conversion for bricks and mortar retail stores by measuring customer behaviour, analysing data and driving execution across store networks.

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Optimise sales conversion for bricks and mortar retail stores

Customer experience isn't a thing.
It's everything.

Blix provides independent and accurate measurement of what matters most to your business - your customers. We work with Clients who share our belief that measuring customer experience delivers insight, improves accountability and drives profit.

The problem with camera door counters

Most leading retailers already have camera-based people counters to count foot traffic. While this data may allow you to understand traffic patterns and sales conversion rates, it does not provide any insight into actual customer experience and the ‘why’ behind good or poor store performance.

Camera door counters don't answer the 'why'

Here's why leading retailers work with Blix

Blix provides rich customer experience data and a completely unique engagement model.

Blix Consultants Drive Execution

Does your current people-counting supplier work directly with your store managers and area managers, as well as your C-suite, to drive real change and increase conversion rates? Our engagement model is unique and unrivalled, and is backed up by the only 100% Money Back Guarantee in the industry - see the Blix Guarantee below.

Blix Business Consultants drive execution to increase sales conversion rates
Customer experience analytics to drive sales conversion

Customer Experience Analytics

Blix provides much more than a simple door count. We give you rich customer experience data enabling you to understand why a retail store may have a low conversion rate - not just simply that it does. Blix provides the data you need to highlight customer pain points in your stores.

Windows & Visual Merchandising

Blix measures passing foot traffic outside your retail stores, 24/7. This means you can easily evaluate how effectively window displays are converting passing traffic, the impact of a store refurb or which of your locations has the greatest traffic opportunity. 

Measure retail store passing traffic
Windows & VM Measurement for retail stores

True Demand-Driven Staffing

Staffing based on sales or simple traffic counts is inaccurate and misleading. Blix measures in-store dwell times and bounce rates to enable far more accurate staffing, to minimise missed sales opportunities and increase sales conversion rates.

Cross Shopping & Events

Blix measures cross shopping between stores as well as foot traffic at your shows and activations, and reports on which people then visited one of you retail stores. Our data allows you to evaluate precisely how your external events are driving in-store traffic.

Cross shopping between events and retail stores
Measure diagou shopping in retail stores

Daigou Analysis

The Blix platform has the unique capability of being able to quantify the impact of Daigou shopping on your brand. By reviewing trends in Blix data, we can determine when Daigou behaviour is suspected in your stores and how it is  influencing your sales.

Zero Interruption Installation

The Blix solution is installed quickly with no interruption to trading. Our plug ‘n’ play hardware simply needs electricity and is up and running in 3 minutes.

The Blix hardware has 4G internet and therefore does not require any integration with your IT systems, networks, firewalls or internet. 

Install Blix location analytics with no interruption to store trading

Increasing Sales Conversion

The impact of a 1% increase in sales conversion is enormous, however the key to increasing sales conversion rates is using the data to drive change. This is where the Blix Consulting team makes all the difference.

What Is 1% Worth?

Let's look at a simple example of the power of 1%. In a retail store with an average of 250 customer visits per day and an average transaction value of $250, a 1% increase in sales conversion will provide a revenue increase of $195,000 in 12-months. 

Execution Is The Key

Blix recognises that without action, data is meaningless. Our Business Consultants work closely with our Clients to lift sales conversion. It’s our job to help your team, from Store Managers to the C-suite, to make accurate decisions that will drive growth.

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The Blix Guarantee

The Blix technology is unique and our analytics are rich and insightful, however it’s our engagement model that really differentiates us. Our Consultants work closely with every Client, every step of the way, to increase sales conversion and revenue. We are so confident in the success of our service, that we provide this guarantee. Conditions apply.

100% Money Back Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee

If at any point in the first 6-months you are not happy with our product or service, you can terminate the contract and receive a 100% refund.

Pay Nothing Upfront

Pay Nothing Upfront

There is no upfront cost for hardware, installation and setup (for single sensor stores). Simply pay one low monthly fee per store.

Lifetime Warranty on Hardware

Lifetime Warranty

We provide a lifetime warranty on our hardware. If at any time the hardware needs to be replaced, Blix will do so at no cost to you.

What's the cost?

We provide our hardware, technology and service all in a single low monthly fee.

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