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Your complete
foot traffic solution.

Our reporting insights show you why your retail stores are, or are not working, so you know how to increase profits.

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Blix Traffic - your complete foot traffic solution

The only ROI-driven retail analytics solution

ROI-focused metrics and reports give you unprecedented insight into customer behaviour, sales and marketing effectiveness and store operations.

  • Leases & VM
    Lease Analysis Window Displays Visual Merchandising Cross Shopping
  • Marketing & CX
    Marketing ROI Buyer's Journey Customer Experience Customer Loyalty
  • Operations
    Track KPIs Staff Rosters Staff Training Staff to Customer Ratio
  • Sales
    Benchmark Performance Sales Leakage Lost Opportunities Sales Optimisation

Lease Analysis

See how busy or quiet a location is based on passing traffic.

Window Displays

Measure how window displays convert passing traffic.

Visual Merchandising

Analyse the impact of visual merchandising changes.

Cross Shopping

Identify shopper patterns across your network.

Marketing ROI

Identify the marketing campaigns that are driving the most value.

Buyer's Journey

See how your customers interact with all your touchpoints.

Customer Experience

Measure customer experience and engagement in real-time.

Customer Loyalty

Measure customer loyalty across your entire business.

Track KPIs

Set in-store KPI’s and track performance in real-time.

Staff Rosters

Run demand-driven rosters, not sales driven rosters.

Staff Training

Know where staff training is required and measure the impact.

Staff to Customer Ratio

Track the ideal staff to customer ratio for highest sales revenue.

Benchmark Performance

See how you are performing against your competitors.

Sales Leakage

Identify sales that are lost to other stores or competitors.

Lost Opportunities

Identify where your business is missing sales opportunities.

Sales Optimisation

Implement data-driven KPI’s to increase sales and basket size.

Track performance against KPI's and industry benchmarks at all stages.

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How it works

Blix Traffic is a plug 'n' play solution which integrates with your existing systems to drive value throughout your organisation.

Blix Technology

Blix Traffic uses Wifi networks to detect anonymous signals from smartphones, which are used to measure footfall and customer experience. Customers do not need to opt-in or download an app.

Blix technology


Blix Traffic integrates with traditional door counters, point of sale systems, time in attendance software, CRM, marketing and media platforms and more.

Together we grow your business


Access real-time footfall data integrated with your business data across all your retail stores, 24/7.

Reports and insight

View online reports on marketing, customer experience, real estate, staffing, sales and more.

Taking action

Work with the Blix Team to identify and solve problems to improve your bottom line performance.

Measure and evaluate the changes

Continuous cycle of measurement and improvement to increase ROI

Don't take our word for it

Here's what our customers have to say about harnessing the power of Blix:

Brien Winther

Brien Winther

Managing Director, Pandora

"Implementing Blix data KPI’s has resulted in better visibility of consumer engagement and accountability. This has also helped improve customer satisfaction."

Tim Schaafsma

Tim Schaafsma

Managing Director, Freedom Furniture

"Blix Traffic has provided us with an independent measurement of store traffic and visitor flow, allowing us a greater amount of information on customer experience than we have had before."

Adam Coward

Adam Coward

Executive Director of Marketing & Communications, Tourism NT

"Blix has provided exceptional service and guidance when using the Blix Traffic platform. The reporting and insights from the system has helped us understand visitor flow at a deeper level."

Tony Carr

Tony Carr

CFO, Satterley

"Blix Traffic has given us new information about our customers and how they interact with our sales and display villages. This data supports the growth of our business and assists in our marketing programs."

Steve Zanlunghi

Veronica Johns

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

"Blix Traffic has provided the FCA team powerful insights into marketing. Blix TV and increased the effectiveness of our TV advertising by 30% and the impact on sales was outstanding."

Dan O'Brien

Dan O'Brien

Group Account Director, Frontier Group

"Blix has provided our client with an independent measurement of traffic and sales conversions. This coupled with the live media attribution has made their investments more accountable."

Nairn Miller

Nairn Miller

Acquisitions Manager, Save the Children Australia

"Blix TV is easy to use and has helped us optimise our media buying. We know exactly which channels and what time of the day deliver the highest response rates and lowest cost per acquisition."

Simon Lindsay

Simon Lindsay

Country Manager, Progressive Insurance

"Blix provided Progressive with an important tool to help identify pockets of TV media leakage. Once we addressed the ineffective pockets, it provided a 20%+ improvement in our media efficiency."

Matt Nunn

Matt Nunn

CEO, Nunn Media

"Blix TV has delivered unprecedented insights for our media team. Understanding which networks are delivering the best response, which are the better performing creatives, day parts etc."

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Getting started is easy

Blix Traffic can use your existing Wifi hardware, or we can provide a plug 'n' play sensor. Either way, setup is quick and easy.

Plug 'n' Play Hardware

Our installers will be in and out of your store in under 30 minutes, with no interruption to trading. All we require is a power point!

BYO Hardware

Connect your hardware to the Blix API to get up and running in minutes. We don’t need to set foot in your store.

Your IT department can rest easy - they are not required.

Once hardware is installed or the API connected Blix will remotely manage everything, right here from our Melbourne head office.

Trusted by leading brands

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Built for retail. Works in many industries.

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